Best Books for GATE Chemical Engineering





Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics: 

  • J. M. Smith
  • H. C. Van Ness
  • Ahuja Pradeep
  • K. V. Narayanan
  • Jack Winnick


Chemical Engineering :

  • Coulson & Richardson’s


 Chemical Process Design: 

  • Alexandre C. Dimian
  • Costin Sorin Bildea

 The Engineering of Chemical Reactions:

  • L. D. Schmidt
  • Octave Levenspiel


Plant Design And Economics (3rd Edition):

  • Max Peters,
  • Klaus
  • Timmerhaus,
  • Ronald West


 Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer:

  • G. K. Roy


Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control:

  • William C
  • Dunn

Chemical Process Calculations:

  • K. Asokan
  • Nicholas Chopey

Fluid Mechanics:

  • Yunus
  • A.Cengel

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines:

  • Dr R.K Bansal
  • Noel de Nevers


 Process systems analysis and controls:

  • Donald. R.Coughanowr


Outlines of Chemical – Technology:

  • Charles E.Dryden


Engineering Thermodynamics:

  • Cengel A Boles


 Mass transfer operations:

  • Robert.E.Treybal


Unit operations-I & II,Heat and Mass transfer:

  • K.A.Gavhane



Chemical Engineering books:-GATE Preparation: 

  1. Construct diagrams, charts, tables or lists to summarize relationships,Chemical Engineering books.
  2. Make notes short and concise,Chemical Engineering books.
  3. Maintain formulas, shortcuts and tips/tricks in notes,Chemical Engineering books.
  4. Every field of study has its own vocabulary, so identify words and terms used to represent specific concepts. Maintain them in your notes,Chemical Engineering books.
  5. Sometimes objective questions can be used to test your ability to distinguish concepts, ideas, theories, events, facts from each other,Chemical Engineering books.



These are links to useful Chemical Engineering books from NPTEL(NATIONAL PROGRAM FOR TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED LEARNING) program run by IITs, which puts all their Chemical Engineering books on the web



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